Friday, December 18, 2009

FREE: Kayaking on the Hudson (that's right, NYC)

 Kayaking in NYC Photo Gallery

Now that it's too damn cold to do stuff like put on a life jacket and shorts and get get whipped by subzero Manhattan tradewinds ... here's a joyous post about what you can do sometime next year.

Free kayaking. On the world famous waterfront of NYC. You heard it right! It's all thanks to the rabid enthusiasm of the collective at who offer weekend and weekday paddles, all equipment supplied.

First, make sure you get to the right place.

To get to say, the Pier 96 location, subtract 40 from 92 and it's at 56th street.

I have no idea how one would find that out except I got it from one of the head honchos there, the Lord of Logos Michael Samuel. If you can undistract yourself from the big list of logos he's famously designed (list the History Channel Logo, Sears, Tasty Delight etc etc) you will find that he wields a paddle as impressively as his lightpen.

I'll be posting a movie here shortly of the action on the water. Meanwhile, check out the photos above.

Stand by ...

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