Pretty much free yoga in Chelsea and beyond

Free yoga on Pier 64 offered by Chelsea Piers Fitness Center.
Yoga in NYC doesn't come cheap. Classes hover around $18 unless you buy some kind of package. But here are some options in Chelsea and a little further, that can tide you over 'til you get that Wall Street job and can afford a membership at Equinox and wherever else you please ...

Free summer yoga at Pier 64, offered by Chelsea Piers Fitness Center
August/Sept only, before the snow comes in ...

Donation only Community Class at Laughing Lotus, 19th and 6th Ave, M-F, 2.30pm-3.45pm. Ongoing.
For Summer only, Lotus also offer a free Wed 7-8pm class on a grassy knoll near 15th and the West Side Highway.

Easy Yoga with the Galfromdownunder, Chelsea Rec Center, 25th bet 9th and 10th Ave. Tuesdays 6-7pm.
Ongoing. Yes folks, this is my completely free, 'tude free class, part of Boomberg's ShapeUpNYC initiative - you don't have to be a center member to attend, make sure you tell them that if the front desk gives you grief.

Easy Senior Yoga with the Galfromdownunder, Hudson Guild Community Center, 9th Ave at 17th St, Manhattan. Tuesdays 11am-noon.
Ongoing. My completely free, 'tude free Senior class - you have to be 55+ to gain admission to the center.

The Sivinanda Yoga Center ,  24th between 7th and 8th Ave,  has relatively affordable $10-12 classes daily. None of the teachers are paid - it is karma or "selfless yoga. Wonderful, donationa-appreciated Kirtans (meditation, chanting, discourse) Wed and Sunday - a real, 'tude-free oasis in the Manhattan maelstrom.

Yoga to the People: The original donate-what-you-can-but-$10-is-nice yoga studio, with several locations. The one with 3 floors in the village does get mighty crowded ...

Are there more?


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